Collection: Aluminet for dealers

We also sew the original Aluminet 80% shade nets for companies

If you purchase a certain minimum quantity, you can also add your company logo!

We attach great importance to high-quality, beautifully crafted products!
With the Original 80% Aluminet you have the best material available on the market.

Meaning Aluminet 80%:

  • 80% shadow rate / solar reflection
  • 20% air circulation

This combination is ideal for use as a shade for dog cars!

In addition, the 80% aluminum is very finely processed, which is absolutely important when used on dog cars because of the love of car paint. We also make the nets without eyelets to protect the car paint. We recommend using magnets as an aid here.

We only use the original Aluminet 80%. The material is checked by our animal paw team in our Swiss production facility and carefully sewn with high-quality silver-gray webbing on a specially suitable industrial sewing machine.

If you are interested in the 80% Aluminets, we would be happy to send you a material sample for a quality check.

If you would like to equip your shop with high-quality Aluminets, please contact us - we will be happy to provide further information on costs, minimum purchase quantities, etc.

Please send a contact request by email to: