* EM collar (Fimo mix) / tick sets - animal paws *

Help to repel ticks without chemicals

  • Attention EM-Bändeli and black cumin oil are NOT suitable for cats!!!
  • When ordering, note your desired polymer clay colors (1-3 colors) in the note field + your dog's neck circumference (measured tightly)
  • You can find information about accessories here at the bottom of the page -> you get a 3.00 discount in the savings set
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Accesories: Without accessories
Neck circumference: Neck circumference up to 29cm
Selection: EM collar
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Regular price CHF 38.00
Regular price Sale price CHF 38.00

Application EM collar

  • Leave the tick collar on your dog as long as possible throughout the tick season
  • Dogs can wear the EM band all year round (but ceramics can break in the cold months, so we recommend taking it off)
  • EM collar is only a second collar -> not suitable for leashing the dog
  • Please only order EM collars for dogs; they are unsuitable for cats as they do not have a safety lock that can be adjusted to the cat's weight so that they can be opened independently if the cat gets stuck somewhere)


  • Every 1-2 weeks, wash the EM collar under the water jet (since dogs secrete sebum, the pores of the EM ceramic do not become clogged in the long term and you have the best possible effect)
  • After washing, place it in the sun to dry and recharge


EM ceramic is made from high quality clay. All fine energy resonances and information from the EM are stored in the ceramic stones and are passed on to other materials.
EM ceramic products work mainly through electromagnetic resonance vibrations, which are very unpleasant for parasites (ticks, fleas, etc.). Contact with the animal as the host is therefore better avoided. This means they bite each other less often.
Effective microorganisms generally have a positive influence on your animal's health through regenerative effects!
The collar does not offer 100% protection, but it does provide useful support in combating ticks and other parasites without chemicals and side effects.

Collar size

  • The measurements given are for price grading purposes
  • When ordering, please note the exact neck circumference of your dog, measured closely. We will then add approx. 2-3cm to make the EM chain and include 1-2 reserve stones with instructions for lengthening/shortening it yourself.


  • EM pipes are always white-light gray
  • Paracord cord is always black
  • Polymer clay intermediate stones freely selectable colors -> combination of 2-3 colors (please note in the text field when ordering!)
  • Since our animal paw team mixes and makes the polymer clay by hand, the mixture may vary slightly from the gallery photos
Possible polymer clay colors:
There are almost all kinds of colors, you can choose completely freely. There are also a few colors with pearl shimmer (this has a slight glitter effect (e.g. the anthracite-gray band). To discuss colors, you can also email us / if you already have specific ideas, it's best to use the text field when ordering use.


  • Easy and quick to put on and take off thanks to the cord stopper closure
  • Cord is made of paracord
  • Since EM pipes can never be directly adjacent to each other because of the vibrations they emit, we have Fimo intermediate stones (light material, stylish stones)

Our set offers

You can click on photos, then you will be taken to the respective product and can buy it individually. The products are also available as a set for the EM wristbands.

Black cumin oil

Silver spray for aftercare

Tick ​​bite aftercare spray

Tick ​​tweezers

Black cumin oil:
  • Parasite prophylaxis
  • Coat and skin problems
  • Immune boosting
  • Only for dogs -> Toxic for cats!!!
  • 100% organic black cumin oil (Nigella Sativa Seed Oil), from organic farming
Silver spray (aftercare):
  • Antibacterial effect
  • Cares for sensitive skin
  • Suitable for dogs and cats
  • (INCI) Aqua
  • Modified Soy Lecitins
  • Xanthan gum
  • Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil
  • Calendula Officinalis Flower Oil
  • Lavendula Angustifolia Flower Extract
  • Salvia Officinalis Oil,
  • Silver (CI 77820)
Aftercare spray:
  • Fights 99.9% of all bacteria
  • Cares for sensitive skin
  • Suitable for dogs and cats
  • Demineralised water
  • Sodium hypochlorite < 0.07%
Tick ​​tweezers:
  • For easier and safer tick removal on dogs and cats