Collection: Booties / paw protection

We have a large range of dog booties with different strengths/material properties in our range. Below we have put together an overview of the different booties and their features. Here's another general rule: the thinner the material, the lighter the bootie. The stronger the fabric, the more durable the bootie.
  • Rubber booties

    • Without seams (optimal wearing comfort, no blistering)
    • New extreme booties for training on snow-free ground/mainland/all surfaces
    • Also on asphalt, on smooth tiles or as bandage protection.
    • Coated with thin special rubber (extremely durable, very good adhesion to the surface)
    • Lifespan is approximately 8-10 times that of a conventional bootie on bare ground
    • Lightweight and flexible bootie that gives the dog a good feel for the ground
      (Not to be used on snow or ice, ATTENTION RISK OF SLIDING)
  • Rubber Bootie High

    • Rubber bootie in high version
    • Goes well over the thumb claw, rubber at the bottom, long, soft knit above the rubber.
  • Universal Bootie

    • Without seams (optimal wearing comfort)
    • Prevents blistering
    • Extremely durable
    • Knit material
    • Area of ​​use: bare ground and converted sharp frozen snow (not for fresh snow) / breathable bandage bootie over bandages
  • Universal Bootie High

    • Universal bootie in high version
    • Goes well beyond the thumb claw
    • Made from soft knit
  • G-Double Grip Bootie

    • Bootie with the best grip on smooth, slippery surfaces
    • Most durable bootie when training on aggressive surfaces
    • Particularly suitable for dog trekking and dog hiking (on rocky surfaces), ice and snow or simply for an injured dog paw in the house on smooth tiles.
    • Double layer (pleasant 500 Cordura inside + rubberized outer trim)
    • Waterproof material
  • Finmark Booties

    • Thin, extremely strong snow and light mainland bootie
    • Special fabric (thin and light, but with extreme durability)
    • For all surfaces and all seasons
  • Fleece Booties

    • Two-layer bootie that is extremely durable.
    • Same outer material as the Finnmark Bootie (extreme durability)
    • Inside with polar fleece lining (soft extra protection)
    • For preventive use on gravel/snow and when the dog is already injured and needs additional “shock absorbers”.
  • Long distance booties

    • Very light bootie
    • Highly recommended snow bootie
    • Rapid wear on asphalt/marl (wear item)

Note on the durability of booties

Cordura is one of the most durable materials in the outdoor area and is therefore often used for paw protection in sled dog sports.

Given the circumstances, we would like to point out that even the 1000 Cordura booties and even the G-booties can, in the worst case scenario, show small holes in the claw area after just a few kilometers. That is normal. The bootie can therefore still be used until you can walk through the ball area!

Used booties will not be exchanged!

Depending on the intensity of the load and the respective surface, a bootie wears out more or less quickly.

The length of the claws also plays an important role here.

Measure the paw / choose the right bootie size

The measurement is taken with the paw loaded at the widest point!

The burdened front paw (hold up the 2nd front paw)

Place on a piece of paper and mark the side edges.

Then measure the dimension between the marked lines.

Match the closest measured paw measurement to the size table.
If in doubt, always choose the next larger size.

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