Collection: TCM herbs for dogs

What is TCM?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a holistic healing system. It has been practiced in China for more than 3 millennia. Greatest attention is paid to the universal laws of nature.

According to Chinese belief, health means a state of complete harmony between the organs and life energy, known in Chinese as “Qi”. If an imbalance arises in this holistic approach, the organism becomes ill.

In addition to various forms of therapy such as the well-known acupuncture, food is also used to maintain the psychological or physical balance of a body or, if this has been disturbed, to restore it.

The top nutritional rule in TCM is balance. According to Chinese ideas, not only the color, taste and temperature of a food are important for its effect, but also the climate and the season in which it grows and is eaten.

For thousands of years, TCM has held the view that every disease can be prevented in the first place if the unhindered flow of energy can be guaranteed. For this reason, TCM is also an excellent preventive tool.

5 elements of TCM

  • Fire

    The element fire stands for energy, cardiovascular and, above all, emotions

    Products from the TCM herbal dog line:

    • Find the center (harmonizes emotions)
    • Healthy and vital (strengthens the immune system)
  • Earth

    The earth element is the center of the body - the nourishing pole. Organs of the earth are gastrointestinal and spleen, pancreas.

    Products from the TCM herbal dog line:

    • Everything in flow (detoxification and purification)
    • Gastrointestinal balance (helpful for digestive problems)
  • metal

    The organs assigned to the element metal are the lungs and large intestine and the skin is the tissue.

    Products from the TCM herbal dog line:

    • Skin and shine (nourishes stressed skin), breathe freely (supports weakened respiratory tract)
  • Water

    Water flows downwards with its gentle yet strong force. Water is associated with the kidneys and bladder.

    Products from the TCM herbal dog line:

    • Mental Fit (For more concentration)
    • Move freely (Improves joint metabolism)
  • Wood

    The element wood represents spring, childhood and growth. The organ liver and the gallbladder are assigned to the element wood.

    Products from the TCM herbal dog line:

    • Strength and energy (gives new impetus)

Frequently asked questions about TCM products

Can several TCM products be fed together?

Yes, you can effectively combine up to 3 products.

How do I get my picky dog ​​to eat the herbal pellets?

Start slowly and let the new taste flow into the existing food in small doses. Then you can slowly increase the amount.

My dog ​​is doing well, does giving a TCM product still make sense?

Of course, strengthening the body's defenses works even better if you don't only feed something when the animal is already sick.

How long does one pack last me?

This depends entirely on your dog's weight. For a medium-sized dog, expect the can to last about 30 days.

My dog ​​suffers from a grain allergy, are the products really free from it?

Absolutely, they are pure herbs and seeds, free of any additives

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