Collection: Canicross - A great activity for active dogs

  • Would you like to build up/expand Canicross with your dog and would you be happy if your dog is motivated and supported by a second dog during pulling work?
  • Or are you happy about regular training?

All dogs that like to race are suitable for canicross. It also offers dogs who are unable to run freely because of their keen interest in hunting a great opportunity to let off steam with you as a team 😊.

Training times:
Individually by arrangement

Dogs from 1 year old


  • Canicross running belt (for dog owners)
  • Well-fitting harness (for the dog)
  • Bungee cord 2m
  • Running shoes

We would be happy to advise you in advance on the right equipment. You can also try these out on site, as well-fitting material is important and makes the dog-human team much more fun during training.

Contact us if you are interested/questions or simply for product advice:

Mirjam with Inola

Hanndy for calls/Whatsapp: 079 589 48 66