Long distance booties - non-stop dogwear

Lightweight bootie ideal for snow tours, to protect the paws and prevent dog hair from clumping between the paws.
Protects against snow, ice, salt
Provides grip and support
Very light booties, ideal for long snow tours
Space for freedom of movement (paw, claws)
330 Codura
Velcro for a good and secure fit
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Color: Red
Bootie sizes: XXXS
Number: 1 Pack (4 Booties)
floor: Auf Lager
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Regular price CHF 19.90
Regular price Sale price CHF 19.90
The paw socks are super light and give the dog a firm grip. An elastic Velcro fastener ensures that the paw sock fits every dog's paw. The wide sock offers space for the paw and claws to move naturally.
We use tightly woven nylon for our paw sock. The socks protect dog paws from abrasion and also work in extreme conditions such as snow and ice. The long distance bootie is durable on snow, but like all boots, they will wear and tear.

When and for what do you use booties?

  • During long walks on hard, stony or sharp-edged surfaces, for example on mountain tours
  • For running or pulling dog sports on frozen snow
  • For dogs with long hair between their paws to prevent snowballs from forming between their toes. Your dog will thank you!
  • For minor paw injuries (such as abrasions or torn claws)
  • Always contact your veterinarian if you are unsure
  • A set of booties is a must for every active dog owner. In the event of small accidents on the road, you can make it easier for your dog to move on and speed up healing. Better safe than sorry!


The booties are currently only produced by Nonstop Dogwear in light blue. We simply still have red and light blue leftovers online while they are in stock and at Nonstop Dogwear there are leftovers in stock. After that, the booties are only available in light blue.
Each bootie size has its own Velcro color, which means you can easily keep the bootie sizes apart even in a multi-dog household, even if all dogs wear light blue booties.

Measure paws

  • XXXS paw width 1-2cm (bootie width 4.5cm, height 7cm)
  • XXS paw width 2-3cm (bootie width 5.5cm, height 8.5cm)
  • XS paw width 3-4cm (bootie width 7cm, height 10cm)
  • S paw width 4-5cm (bootie width 8cm, height 12cm)
  • M paw width 5-6cm (bootie width 9cm, height 13cm)
  • L paw width 6-7cm (bootie width 10cm, height 14cm)
  • XL paw width 7-8cm (bootie width 11cm, height 15cm)
  • XXL paw width 8-9cm (bootie width 12cm, height 17cm)

For easy measuring, you can place the dog on the meter and
then read the measurement quite easily. Or place the dog on a piece of paper, mark the width on the left and right (important without allowance!) and then measure the marked paw width.

We recommend using the long-distance booties in the snow.

We recommend the Protector Booties on salt-tar roads. You can also use the long-distance booties here, just be aware of the wear and tear (330 Cordura wears out quickly on tar and is replaced regularly every approx. 10km depending on wear/terrain when used in dog races), while the protector bootie withstood wear and tear hold.

The long-distance booties are great for playing and touring in the snow. There is little wear and tear and you have the advantage of a super light bootie.