*Dogscooter Kostka Fairbanks Cross II (50.- discount voucher) - Uwe Radant / Kostka*

Special features Cross II (Fairbanks) - Uwe Radant
  • With hydraulic disc brakes
  • Incl. side stand
  • Incl. removable bike antenna (standard Fairbanks / optional nonstop dogwear)
  • Standard (front wheel and frame splash guard plastic)
  • Splash guard extension (rear wheel plastic or more robust aluminum version)
  • With high-quality swiveling stem
  • Cranked handlebars for upright posture
  • Tyres: Schwalbe Smart Sam
  • Suspension fork travel: 100 mm
  • Please note: The hub color can be black instead of red, depending on the delivery, depending on the illustration shown!!!!
(Attention: Due to supply shortages of certain parts, some components may be slightly different than shown or described)
Contact for test drives in 4468 Kienberg (also possible on weekends): 079 589 48 66 or info@tierpfoten.ch
Delivery time assembled (black directly from stock, yellow approx. 1 week), boxed (yellow + black approx. 1 week)
Scroll down for details and explanations (+product video at the bottom of the page)

CHF 876.00 - CHF 959.00
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Construction of splash guard: Standard (front wheel and frame splash guard only)
Detachable antenna: Fairbanks
Color: Neon
Regular price CHF 876.00
Regular price CHF 926.00 Sale price CHF 876.00
-CHF 50.00
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Fairbanks Cross 2 Schwarz
Regular price CHF 876.00
Regular price CHF 926.00 Sale price CHF 876.00
When buying a dog scooter, a few criteria should be taken into account:
* Widened footboard with enough space for 2 feet
* Extended fork steerer in combination with steep stem and offset handlebars for an upright posture.
* Tires 26" at the front x 20" at the rear are recommended because of the low rolling resistance of the tires.
The 20" rear wheel enables optimal cornering technique due to the associated short wheelbase.
The coarse profile of the 26" x 2.25" front or 20x 2.15 balloon tires ensures good grip on the terrain.

Brake system

  • The hydraulic disc brake (front and rear) allows for more sensitivity when braking thanks to the oil pressure than a normal rim brake. The brake can be operated with just one finger.
  • Due to the arrangement of the brake disc on the wheel hub, this braking system is not as directly exposed to dirt as the rim brake.


  • Front tires: Nobby Nic 26" x 2.25" wide tires
  • Rear Tire: Mad Mike 20" x 2.12"


  • Scooter weight approx. 13kg
  • Total length approx. 1.77m

Fairbanks Mudguard Cross

***NEW on the market***
Uwe Radant world champion aluminum cross rear mudguard (in-house development)!
  • Stable aluminum mudguard with approx. 5cm of air all around between the tire and the mudguard with a 2” rear wheel
  • Easy to install on all Cross and City as well as many Kostka dog scooter models
  • 8cm wide
  • No holes required for assembly
  • The mudguard is simply attached to the frame using the supplied clamping plate.
Weltmeister's aluminum rear mudguard is available in the color that matches the respective Kostka dog scooter (black, neon).

We often travel with dogs and dogscooters in mud and snow. The space between the tire and the mudguard quickly becomes blocked. The result: the rear wheel drags and brakes. In extreme cases, the simple plastic protective plate breaks. "Weltmeisters" responds to the special requirements of dog scooting with a sturdy aluminum mudguard for the rear wheel. An 8 cm wide aluminum sheet with edge protection creates 5 cm of air all around between the tire and the mudguard. Our CROSS mudguard in black and neon green/yellow is suitable for all FAIRBANKS models and can be retrofitted to all Kostka scooters with 20" rear wheels. Easy to install - no extra drilling required. With this market innovation, “Weltmeisters” enables driving fun even in adverse conditions both ends of the leash


A removable Fairbanks antenna is included as standard. The function is also explained in the video Cross II (further below).
If desired, you can also get the dog scooter with a Klick-Fix antenna from Nonstop Dogwear (attachment of the Klick-Fix to the handlebars, e.g. photo of another scooter model)
Antenna with KlickFix - Non-Stop Dogwear -

Other recommended accessories

  • Pull line / bungee leash (Nonstop Dogwear / Zero DC)
  • Faster pulling harness (Zero DC / Uwe Radant)

Product video Kostka Fairbanks Cross II