Dryup Cape Zip Fit - Action Factory

Indoor drying coat with legs.
Bathrobe as a bodysuit with legs
Zip technology for easy donning
100% pure cotton
Absorbs smells
For indoor use
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Color: Petrol
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Regular price CHF 65.61
Regular price CHF 72.90 Sale price CHF 65.61

Dry bodysuit - dog bathrobe with long legs - without static charge

With legs and ZipFit system
The original DRYUP BODY ZIP.FIT is made from the natural product 100% cotton terry.
Especially for the heated house or for the warm car!

Cotton versus synthetic fibers
Cotton is a high-quality natural fiber that has the following advantages compared to synthetic fibers:
  • No static charge when taking off the bodysuit or rubbing off the dog's fur
  • The typically large loops of terry cloth fabric increase the surface area of ​​the fabric enormously, meaning the fabric has significantly more volume than all other types of fabric and can therefore absorb a lot of moisture.
  • The moisture is not only drawn out from the surface but also from the dog's undercoat
  • Cotton stores moisture directly in its fibers and thus transports moisture away from the dog's fur
There is nothing better than a high quality 100% cotton terry to dry your dog and wick moisture away from your dog

Possible applications
With the ingenious DRYUP BODY ZIP.FIT, the dog's fur can be dried quickly and easily after a walk in the rain, after a shower or after swimming - without any rubbing!

As a positive side effect, the car, mobile home or apartment stays dry and clean. In addition to the moisture, the DRYUP BODY also binds the dirt that is in the fur, which is extremely practical. This dirt can then simply be shaken out of the dry body and therefore does not lie on the floor in your house.

The drying effect of the DRYUP BODY is comparable to that of our tried and tested WARMUP CAPES, but it is not as warm and therefore practical for use in heated interiors. The dog doesn't sweat and still dries quickly! He can lie down anywhere and nothing gets wet or dirty!

The fit is perfect
The original dog bathrobe DRYUP BODY ZIP.FIT is optimized for a wide variety of dog breeds and sizes. With the ZIP.FIT SYSTEM, the bodysuit can be opened and widened at the back, which ensures more freedom of movement for the legs when getting dressed. The fabric fold under the zipper prevents hair from getting caught when opening or closing.

How is the bodysuit put on?
First you open the zipper on the back. Then guide the dog's head through the long turtleneck of the bodysuit. Then pull the bodysuit over your back to your hips. Now first the front legs, then the hind legs are led through the leg openings. The zipper on the back is then closed again. Now the belly flap is pulled between the front legs, thereby covering the chest and stomach. The bodysuit is fastened non-slip with the practical buckle fastener, which does not get in the way on the back. With the buckle closure, the body circumference can be adjusted perfectly and individually, which guarantees a great fit. We deliberately avoided using Velcro fasteners on this body because hair often collects in them and therefore the Velcro no longer works optimally. The long turtleneck also allows the neck to dry or can be used as a “hood”.

  • 100% cotton terry
  • Washable up to 30°C - without fabric softener!! (Please pay attention to the temperature, otherwise it may shrink)

To choose the size, measure the length of the back from the shoulder blade bone to the base of the tail.

Mini sizes:

  • 30 cm
  • 35cm
  • 40cm
  • 45cm

Medium sizes:

  • XS (48cm)
  • S (56cm)
  • M (60cm)
  • L (65cm)
  • XL (70cm)
  • XXL (74cm)

Maxi sizes:

  • 79cm
  • 3XL (84cm)
  • 4XL (90cm) - Only in gray

While the normal dryup capes can also be worn a little larger. You shouldn't go too big with the dryup bodies, otherwise the dogs will lose their legs.

Therefore, be sure to follow the washing instructions for the bodies -> only wash at 30°C (because they cannot be bought extra large / because of shrinkage).