Polar Proof fleece/knit waterproofing - Nikwax

We have the following Nikwax products in our range:

  1. Wool laundry
  2. Tech-Wash (detergent waterproof clothing)
  3. TX-Direct Wash-In (impregnation of water-repellent clothing)
  4. TX-Direct Spray-On (impregnation of water-repellent clothing)
  5. Softshell Proof Spray-On (softshell impregnation)
  6. Softshell Proof Wash-IN (softshell impregnation)
  7. Polar Proof (Wash-In) - This product is located here in the album

Scroll down for information about the two softshell impregnations
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Polar Proof
Regular price CHF 23.90
Regular price Sale price CHF 23.90
SOFA Dog Wear uses many specific materials (wool, softshell, fleece) that must be properly cared for to extend their lifespan and maintain the perfect appearance.
Nikwax is a manufacturer of high-quality cleaning and waterproofing products. Nikwax extends the lifespan and improves the performance of clothing, footwear & equipment. Wherever your dog is, Nikwax will keep him dry.
Nikwax products are EASY to use. The impregnation goes exactly where it is needed. This means less product is wasted and money is saved. With Nikwax you can waterproof your clothing in the washing machine, hand wash or use one of our pump sprays.

Polar Proof 300ml

Waterproofing agent for all non-woven materials

Waterproofing agent for fleece, wool and synthetic fibers. Increases water resistance and restores the breathability of materials. Easy to use in the washing machine or by hand.
Nikwax Polar Proof was developed and optimized specifically for fleece garments. It leaves a flexible waterproof finish on the individual fibers, allowing evaporative moisture to escape, maintaining breathability and optimizing wet performance. In addition, it prevents fleece fabrics from pilling and thus extends the lifespan of the clothing.
The Polar Proof Wash-In is easy and quick to use in the washing machine and ensures treatment of the entire garment. Air drying creates an excellent treatment. There is no need to tumble dry the clothes, which saves energy and is not recommended for Sofadogwear clothing anyway.
For best results, first clean your garment in a separate wash cycle with Nikwax® TechWash®. You do not need to dry the garment before applying the waterproofing treatment. Shake well before use. Follow the instructions (symbols) on the care information label.
Instructions for use in the washing machine:
1. Remove all detergent deposits from the detergent dispenser.
2. Place the cleaned clothes in the washing machine (maximum 3 clothes).
3. Use 1 full cap (50ml) for 1 garment and 2 full caps (100ml) for 2 to 3 garments.
4. Wash according to the instructions on the garment.
Manual application (use gloves):
1. Submerge clean clothing in a container or sink containing 6 liters of lukewarm water.
2. Use 1 full cap (50ml) for 1 to 2 items of clothing.
3. Rinse, soak for five minutes and then rinse thoroughly again.
4. Rinse in cold water until the water is completely clean.
Dry according to the instructions on the care information label. Never tumble dry Sofadogwear items!