Paw ointment / paw cream - Non-Stop Dogwear

Paw protection/care cream based on the proven Norwegian mixture from Nonstop Dogwear.
Naturally based paw care
Made in Norway
Before/after activities
As prophylaxis/care for cracks
Still allows paws protected with cream to breathe
100ml per can
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Regular price CHF 19.95
Regular price Sale price CHF 19.95
The Paw Ointment is based exclusively on natural ingredients.
It moisturizes dry paws and heals cracked skin. It gives the dog a better and more comfortable feeling during any kind of activities.
The ointment should be applied to dry paws before and after activity . It can also be used as a preventive measure .
Paw ointment is particularly recommended during the winter months when streets and paths are salted. The ointment can also be applied between the dog's toes. There it prevents the formation of “snowballs” and protects the membranes between the toes.
This unique ointment allows the protected paw to breathe and any moisture that accumulates can escape. This is very important because the dog uses its paws to regulate its body temperature.
Bassica napus, cocos nucifera, olea europea, cera flava, helianthus annus, lactoferrin, calendula officinalis, rosmarinus officinalis, chamaemelum nobile, arnica montana, organic limonene, organic linalool
Made in Norway

Pack size
  • 100ml


We can order smaller cans upon request. We have 100ml cans in our range.