Travelmat rear seat RS Select Plus

  • Composition made entirely of faux leather: 79% faux leather with 21% real leather
  • Composition of fabric mix: 79% artificial leather with 21% real leather content, fabric 100% polyester
  • Particularly scrub and abrasion resistant
  • Water-repellent and dirt-resistant
  • Inner cushion filling: standard filling made of solid cold foam (5 cm thick)
  • Filling side edges: cold foam (5 cm thick)
  • Quick and easy cleaning with a damp cloth - even with heavy dirt!
  • Hand-quilted pieces
  • Side edges for a safe and comfortable ride
  • Long tarpaulin for easier entry and as scratch and dirt protection for vehicle paint
  • Lying area freely selectable
  • including 4 slots for the belt system
  • Floor selectable between soft (standard) or solid (hardwood)
  • Delivery time 14 working days (will be produced according to your wishes after the ordering process)
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Fixation: Fixation for 1 dog
Lying area - floor: cold foam
External dimensions in cm: L (W: 57cm / D: 95cm / H: 45cm)
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Travelmat 4
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The popular car dog bed - Travelmat ® RS Select+ car dog bed travelmat back seat select plus


Do you only want the best for your dog AND your car? We understand this and are proud to offer you our successful innovation TRAVELMAT®. A car journey with a dog has never been more comfortable and gentler for your four-legged and two-axle friend. And your vehicle interior has never looked so good!

In the car after a rainy walk in the forest? Sharp turns or sudden braking? Scratches in the paint and dog hair everywhere? Everyone knows the ins and outs of the relationship between your four-legged friend and your vehicle: it's complicated. With Travelmat ® everything will be different now!

Travelmat ® RS Select+ is made from an extremely dirt-resistant and easy-to-clean synthetic leather upper. The Travelmat ® lying surface is soft and cuddly for the greatest possible comfort. Firmly padded high side edges offer optimal support and protection for your faithful friend while driving.

The highlight of the whole thing, however, is the attached long hand-quilted tarpaulin. It is an entry aid for your dog and paint protection for your vehicle at the same time. Dirt and dog hair end up on the Travelmat ® and not in your car. This makes dogs comfortable and safe in the car – for everyone involved!

Below you will find the 4 selection categories for ordering items described in detail including graphics:

1. Travelmat colors (please specify in the note, please use the color term exactly as it is written here)

Travelmat ® RS Select+ is available in different colors and matches almost every vehicle interior. The following standard colors are available to you:
Blackcooper blackcooper

Blackgray blackgray

Blacksand blacksand

Coffeeblack coffeeblack

Cosmosblack cosmosblack

Dark white dark white

Graphitecooper graphitecooper

graphite sand graphite sand

Racing red racing red

Silverblack silverblack

2. External dimensions in cm

We offer the comfortable car dog bed for the back seat of your vehicle in five different sizes. The following standard sizes are available:
XS - 57 x 65 x 45 cm (W x D x H / external dimensions) XS / 57x65x45
S - 57 x 75 x 45 cm (W x D x H / external dimensions) - plus 20.- S/57x75x45
M - 57 x 85 x 45 cm (W x D x H / external dimensions) - plus 40.- M / 57x85x45
L - 57 x 95 x 45 cm (W x D x H / external dimensions) - plus 60.- L / 57x95x45
XL - 57 x 105 x 45 cm (W x D x H / external dimensions) - plus 80.- XL / 57x105x45
If none of the standard sizes are suitable, we will be happy to produce your Travelmat® to the exact centimeter.

3. Lying area/floor

cold foam cold foam
Solid cold foam - plus 34.- Solid cold foam
Visco - plus 51.- Visco
Solid Visco - plus 85.- Solid Visco

4. Fixation

No fixation without fixation
Fixation for 1 dog - plus 39.90 Fr. Fixation for 1 dog
Fixation for 2 dogs - plus 69.90 Fr. (this is not listed in the selection, please contact us if you would like it) Fixation for 2 dogs