Pull stop collar (6.3cm wide) - Sofadogwear

Wide mesh lined collar with pull stop function.
Skin-friendly, breathable mesh
6.3cm padding
Ideal for greyhounds and power dogs
Optimum traction distribution
CHF 37.00 - CHF 39.00
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Size SDW: Red patterned
Color: Black autumn leaves
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HB schwarz
Regular price CHF 37.00
Regular price Sale price CHF 37.00
Pull stop collars, lined with mesh - in an extra wide version

These extra wide collars are fully lined with padding. The 3D mesh fabric is very gentle on skin and fur and very breathable.

This collar is ideal for greyhound breeds with their sensitive necks, breeds with a lot of speed and power and also dogs that like to be collared.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that the D-ring measures 5cm in height due to the wide webbing, so it should be adapted to the type of dog and is of course not suitable for a Jack Russel.


  • Width of webbing: 5cm
  • Width with padding 6.3cm
  • D-ring height 5cm

Length: Min. circumference + pull stop = Max. circumference

  • S3: 31.0 + 5.0 = 36.0cm
  • M1: 34.0 + 6.0 = 40.0cm
  • M2: 37.0 + 6.0 = 43.0cm
  • L1: 40.0 + 7.0 = 47.0cm
  • L2: 43.0 + 7.0 = 50.0cm
  • L3: 46.0 + 8.0 = 54.0cm

The collar must be large enough to be pulled over the dog's head (head circumference including ears that fall in). When pulled, it should no longer fit over the dog's head. It is important to measure tightly!

The measurements can vary +/- 1cm.

These collars are also great for greyhounds and power dogs, which are suitable for 6.3cm wide collars with a 5cm wide D-ring.

The neon line of 6.3cm wide collars is slightly more soft in terms of padding. However, both collars have the same padding materials. The only reason is that with the colored collars here in the album, the padding on the surface was sewn down twice during the sewing construction, which was not necessary with the neon line, so the foam is more open and softer to the touch.