Towline (13mm) - Biothane

Towing line width 13mm
  • High quality original Biothane
  • Large selection of colors
  • Individual linen production as desired
  • Immediately ready for shipment

Width - each width has a separate album (for overview purposes)

For more information, scroll to the bottom.
Original, high-quality Beta-Biothane
High quality stainless steel carabiners
Screw rivets glued with special glue (safe)
Abrasion-resistant, weatherproof, does not absorb moisture
Remains odorless in the long term
Immediately ready for shipment
CHF 60.00 - CHF 62.00
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Hand strap: Without hand strap
Color: Neon yellow
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Regular price CHF 60.00
Regular price Sale price CHF 60.00

Biothane towing lines BETA 520

Suitable for the Anny-x harnesses (also for the safety harnesses).

Material properties

  • Original high-quality Biothane material
  • Extremely tear-resistant
  • Indestructible
  • Abrasion-resistant, easy-care, water- and weatherproof
  • Antibacterial
  • Remains odorless in the long term
The carabiners are made of stainless steel, high quality, rust-proof and acid-resistant, and have a spring balancer.

The rivets are nickel-plated and rustproof. We have book screws which are additionally glued with special glue, double secured holds better :)

Details on how to make the towing line

With us you have the opportunity to individually design your Biothane leash.
You are welcome to contact us personally!
The length can be freely selected; lengths not listed can also be made.

Line design for the carabiner

  • Riveted
  • Braided (surcharge 10.-, please contact us)

Best matching combination colors for the Annyx harnesses

  • Annyx Grey-Iceblue with Light Blue-Iceblue Biothane
  • Annyx Olive-Orange with Biothane Olive
  • Annyx Olive-Light Green with Biothane Olive or Kiwi
  • Annyx gray-lilac with Biothane gray
  • Annyx Grey-Mint with Biothane Aqua (peppy combination)
  • Annyx black-petrol / gray-petrol / brown-petrol with Biothane petrol (black would also work with black-petrol and dark brown with brown-petrol)
  • Annyx bright yellow-gray with Biothane neon yellow
  • Annyx bright orange-brown with Biothane Clementine (bright orange is a little brighter, as the Annyx gets lighter with use/washing, Clementine goes great)
  • Annyx Red-Black with Biothane Red or Black
  • Annyx Black-Blue with Biothane Black or Medium Blue
  • Annyx black-beige with Biothane fawn brown
  • Annyx Black-Brown with Biothane Black or Dark Brown
  • Annyx Black-Pink with Biothane Pink (Pink of Biothane is a little lighter in the sun, neon pink doesn't fit!)
  • Annyx bright green-gray with Biothane bright green
  • Annyx bright pink-gray with Biothane gray or pink (neon pink doesn't fit!)
  • Annyx Black-Black with Biothane Black
  • Annyx petrol pink with Biothane pink or petrol (neon pink does not go with the current Annyx tableware, only with the bright salmon, which was only available in very limited quantities)
  • Annx Red-Red with Biothane Red
  • Annyx Petrol-Petrol with Biothane Petrol
  • Annyx brown amber with Biothane dark brown
  • Annyx Black-Silver with Biothane Black
  • Annyx petrol dark green with Biothane petrol or dark green

Best matching colors to the Nonstop tableware

  • Harness purple with biothane leash Bordeaux (gray also possible because of gray triangle)
  • Orange harness with neon orange biothane leash (gray also possible because of the gray triangle)
  • Harness blue with biothane leash dark blue (gray also possible because of gray triangle)
  • Black harness with black biothane leash

We have Biothane in the following widths:

  • 9mm(Small dogs, also possible with mini carabiner on special request)
  • 13mm(medium-sized dogs, also possible with a more delicate carabiner upon special request)
  • 16mm(big dogs)
  • 19mm(Irish Wolfhound and very strong, powerful dogs that need a solid leash)

If an extra small carabiner is not requested by email, we deliver with a standard carabiner, which is adapted to the leash width and the appropriate dog size.

Please never tie dogs that might suddenly start walking on a leash to a post/fixed object using a biothane leash. The blow is so one-sided that even the widest lines could break.

When we hold the leash in our hands the distribution of blows is completely different.